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Thursday, October 8th - UWCSEA East Campus

The author, Alix Burrell, will be visiting with classes at the UWCSEA East Campus on the morning of October 8th. 

Period 1 (8:20-9:00):  2NTr in the classroom
Period 2 (9:00-9:40):  All three K1 classes in the ICT lab
[Morning break - 9:50-10:10 - in the library]
Period 3 (10:10-10:50): Two K2 classes in K2LPh classroom
Period 4 (10:50-11:30): Two Grade 1 classes (1CTh and 1MaW) in MaW classroom
[Lunch break - 11:50-12:15 - in the library]
Period 5 (12:15-12:55): Two K2 classes in K2AFr classroom

"I Hate Peas" will also be sold at the Family Breakfast on the morning of October 9th.